Restaurant wedding catering

Restaurant wedding catering

wedding catering

What is wedding catering?

Marriage is one of the most important life stories. Partying and wedding service are equally important. To have the most perfect wedding, the party planner must plan carefully and carefully, from having to please the two girls and boys to hiring light and sound so that the wedding is the most exciting.

Meeting the needs of organizing parties at restaurants, hotels and food of the same unit, many restaurants offer on-site party services for newlyweds. Therefore, wedding catering service was born.

What to have when providing catering service?

Creating catering menu for wedding

Gone are the strict procedures surrounding how to hold a wedding reception. Nowadays, the modern couple shall want a completely unique wedding menu to impress the guests rather than traditional dishes. As a caterer, the restaurant must be aware of which food is best suited for the wedding party because some dishes may not be good when leaving for a long time. Therefore, the wedding menu can be simple yet complicated but must be appropriate.

wedding catering

Food transportation

The restaurant needs to pay attention to transportation when catering for an outdoor wedding party. If it is an intimate wedding with small capacity, caterer can use motobike or personal vehicle. However, as if the restaurant are catering for a large wedding party off premise, it requires caterer to have specific vehicles as well as equipment to keep food fresh, cold or hot.

Keep the hygiene

Wedding parties require a large number of eating utensils such as cups, bowls or cutlery, etc. Since you obviously don’t want to leave your restaurant, you may have to rent or purchase special supplies for catering. 

Opera Garden Restaurant Wedding Catering

Owing a spacious space, enough for the couple to have an intimate wedding party with the capacity of up to 150 guests, Opera Garden Restaurant is the right choice for modern couples. 

Opera Garden Restaurant is a well-prepared caterer in any process, each party will be coated in different colors. All equipment such as sound system, lighting, stage are arranged by us.

The menu at Opera Garden Restaurant is quiet diverse, serving from Western to modern Vietnamese dishes. A perfect banquet will show the hospitality of the bride and groom family as well as the long-lasting future of young couples, and let Opera Garden Restaurant be the place to wings for your happiness.

Opera Garden Restaurant

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