Hanoi Weekend Night Market (Chợ đêm Hà Nội) Travel Guide

Hanoi Weekend Night Market: A must-visit for tourists

Hanoi Weekend Night Market (Chợ đêm Hà Nội) is held every weekend, from Friday night, to Saturday and Sunday. It’s a bustling collection of roadside stalls and local food vendors that attract a lot of people, both local and tourists. It starts from Hang Dao Street to the North Edge of Dong Xuan Market.

Hanoi Weekend Night Market’s Highlight

The Shopping

The pedestrian paths and the area's historical sites are illuminated with decorative lights, making it a popular spot for travel photographers. This is a paradise of fashion items such as T-shirts, handicrafts, accessories, shoes, sunglasses and cheap souvenirs at the Hanoi Night Market, so shopping wisely or it will be over your budget. However, the overall environment is very lively and haggling is a way of life here - a good start is to provide about 75 percent of the opening price.


With a starting price of 15,000 VND, visitors can also find many typical dishes of Hanoi when walking through the bustling night market, including bun cha (noodle soup with shredded chicken, fried eggs and pork), La Vong grilled fish, pho (noodle soup with beef or chicken), bread (Vietnamese bread) and bun cha (rice noodles served with grilled pork).

Cultural shows

Hanoi Weekend Night Market showcases cultural performances where locals wear traditional costumes playing traditional Vietnamese music as well as classical tunes. As with all busy markets, pay attention to your belongings and keep your wits about you because of the crowded motorbikes and people can be very intense.

Enjoy local beer at Ta Hien street

Move to Ta Hien Street, also known as the Western Street, it's time to enjoy the modern world. Performing live from the band playing the instrument, from famous American - English songs, European classical music to the latest Vietnamese songs at this central square.


Ta Hien Street is surrounded by groups of young people sitting around small tables, drinking lemon tea, eating street snacks and chatting. This is a great opportunity to make friends and get closer to the daily life, customs and traditions of Vietnamese people.

More info: 

Opening Hours: Friday - Sunday 19:00 - 23:00

Address: Hang Dao Street to Dong Xuan Market, Old Quarter, Hano

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