Opera Garden: A new breeze of Indochine style

About Indochine style

Indochine style is a design trend that symbolized the traditional beauty of Vietnam. Through time, it has been consistent with the lifestyle, customs, culture, artistic conception, landscape and climate of Vietnamese people. 

Indochine is the combination of Vietnamese character and French neo-classical style. The sophisticated and excellent “mash-up” between the East and West cultures created a new architecture with an artistic perspective, showing the quintessence, identity, and history of Vietnamese culture.

Indochine Style has brought the nostalgic definition of the Asian tradition, it does not only bear the romantic French’s design but it also is a delicate fusion between two different cultures.

Opera Garden: A new breeze of Indochine style

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Inspired by Opera House’s architecture, Opera Garden restaurant adopts the outstanding features of Indochine style and turns it into our own restaurant’s architecture which epitomized a mini-theater.

opera garden restaurant

However, Opera Garden always give prominence to blending harmoniously the concept of Vietnamese and Western, so even though towards Indochine style, our restaurant is indispensable to the modernity of the West.

What best illustrates this combination is our internal design. Overall the interior is not only equivalent in shape but also in color, making the dining space become elegant, friendly and extremely elegant.