Best vietnamese Restaurants in Hanoi

Vietnamese Restaurants: Highly appreciated by famous chefs

Vietnamese cuisine is highly appreciated by many well-known chefs in the world. Famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay or Anthony Bourdain both give many compliments for Vietnamese traditional dishes.

Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant

Vietnamese Cuisine is part of cultures

We can deny that cuisine is a part of Vietnamese cultures, it emblematizes the beauty and longevity of Vietnamese history. With the culture connection of China and France, as well as rich indigenous traditions, Hanoi restaurants gather a lot of influence from around the world and turn every meal into an adventure. From exquisite French culinary options to local cuisine specializing in one type of food, dining in Hanoi is something to savor.

Despite a dozen restaurants in Hanoi, finding a good restaurant with sumptuous setting, good food but reasonable price is not easy as it might seem. 

Owing a sophisticated dining space, a crafted menu with modern Vietnamese and Western dishes represent the chef’s creations, Opera Garden Restaurant shall be one in your list on the way exploring Hanoi.

Restaurant adored by local people

Opera Garden Restaurant is an outstanding Vietnamese restaurant which is situated on Trang Tien Street – the heart of French Quarter. The restaurant’s main color scheme is ivory and black harmoniously combined with the neo-classical architecture. The management of Opera Garden said the idea for designing this restaurant is to rebuild the famous Indochine architecture that adored by most Vietnamese people in the 1900s. 

Moreover, the aim is to make Opera Garden stand out from other Hanoi restaurant, a restaurant that brings aesthetics to represent a distinct and refined combination of the East and the West.

Since Opera Garden’s menu is modern Vietnamese and Western, it can serve different taste even connoisseur in food. Every dish real the dedication to experimentation, with unique presentations and stories. A highlight of the restaurant ala carte menu is seabass fillet with lemon butter sauce and foie gras, crispy pomelo salad and fresh salmon salad.

This restaurant in Hanoi also hosts classic musical performances and concert nights, as well as providing catering services for company and big groups. In the end of year, Opera Garden gives prominence to be a suitable place to hold Year End Party for organizations.

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