Experience Vietnamese At Hanoi Cooking Centre

Vietnamese food is known to be extremely tasty; However, many of the flavors used in Vietnamese cuisine are neither common nor as abundant in the Western world. Cooking at the Hanoi Cooking Center is a great way to understand what makes Vietnamese cuisine so tasty and enticing. The class “Hanoi and the Highlands of the North” is a fabulous introduction to Vietnamese cuisine. The course will also show you how easy Vietnamese cooking is, even if you are not an expert chef or cant find any tripadvisor hanoi restaurants.

It’s time to prepare your feast!

During the cooking class “Hanoi and Northern Highlands”, you will cook four different dishes: ginger chicken, banana flower salad, spring rolls with shrimp and omelette and, finally, sweet corn soup and walnut coconut for dessert. Upon returning from Chau Long Market, you will head to the cooking room. The chef cooks in front of the cooking room. Take a stand during the presentation to have a better vision of the technique and the ingredients used. The chef will prepare a dish and then tell you to come back to your cooking station to copy his actions.

The food preparation stage is where you will discover where all the flavors come from. Vietnamese dishes require a lot of sugar. Yes, even the ginger chicken used a lot of sugar. Plus, there is fish sauce in almost everything. Phu Quoc, an island in southern Vietnam, is the Mecca of fish sauce and its manufacture. In addition to sugar and fish sauce, much of the flavor comes from ginger, various types of vinegar, basil and pepper.

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Each cooking station is configured so that two people can cook together. The staff will bring you the necessary ingredients for each dish. The chef will walk around the room making sure you prepare the dish properly. The chef is available to answer your questions or help you if you need them. After having prepared a dish, you will return to the front of the room to watch the presentation of the next dish. In total, it will take you about 2.5 hours to prepare and cook the four dishes.

Enjoy the party!

After 3.5 hours of work, it’s time to enjoy your feast! Go up the spiral staircase to the Hanoi Cooking Center. The staff will bring you all the food upstairs and accompany you to a table for all the participants of the class. Enjoy Vietnamese rice wine or a local beer with your meal. You will probably have trouble finishing all four meals; However, you will try because everything is so good! Do not worry if you can not finish it. You can pack leftovers and take them away for later in the day.

Details of the cooking class

tripadvisor hanoi restaurants . The price includes a visit to the market, an English speaking chef, all the food, detailed instructions for preparing meals, drinks throughout the course and lunch, a brochure containing the recipes of the day and a deck of Hanoi Cooking Center. If you do not wish to take the course “Hanoi and the Northern Highlands”, there are also courses on making spring rolls, coastal cuisine, street cooking, a vegetarian course and an international course that changes periodically.

Although you eat a lot of food at the end of the class, it would be wise to have a small snack or meal before class because it will take you about 3.5 hours before you can eat all the delicious food in many hanoi restaurant!

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