Western cuisine: The elegance and luxury made its way through the world

Characteristics of Western cuisine

Western cuisine or European cuisine is a great influence in the world. The sophistication, harmony, and elegance have created its unique attractiveness.

opera gardenWestern dishes always combined with different conflicting ingredients and “avoid” pairing same-flavored pieces. According to statistics, there are 13 ingredients in Western cuisine, mainly are dairy products such as butter, milk, and eggs. Especially, in this culinary culture, grape wine is substantially emphasized and sauces are added as condiments or seasonings. 

Western dishes are varied, although there are common characteristics to distinguish from Asian and other dishes. Cuisine always has a special attraction for each of us. A dish that is considered excellent when it gives customers satisfaction in both taste and sight.

Western dishes have certain scrupulousness, from cooking, how to choose ingredients to use spices. In the West, cooking is an art, a true respect that people have on their dishes.

A formal European dinner is divided into several stages. Several dishes will be brought in turn, in order. Usually cold, hot and salty, sweet dishes are served separately strictly in order: appetizers or soups, main dishes, and desserts. Sweet dishes such as pastries and ice cream are served at the end of the meal. Apart from an ordinary meal, diners can freely take whatever food and eat as much as they prefer when reserving buffet service which was originally from the French.

In history, European cuisine has been developed in royalty and palaces. European aristocrats have a gastronomic style compared with rural farmers. In their meals, tableware items are complex and sophisticated. Each knife, fork, and cup is served following different dishes. The way to eat, communicate on the table is also an art; therefore, someone is considered to be impolite if they don’t follow the table’s manners. 

Differences between Western cuisine and Eastern cuisine

The differences between Western and Eastern cuisine depend much on the typical natural conditions, leading to people in these two regions having their own eating habits. Asia has a favorable weather climate for tropical food crops growing like rice, so it has become the main aliment of every family. Meanwhile, in the West, a diet must meet the supply of energy with ingredients rich in protein.

opera garden

On the table, Westerners usually use fork and knife to dine while Easterners prefer using chopstick. 

The conception that Western and Eastern cuisine is hard to combine in this colorful culinary world because there are many differences. However, this perception is no longer exists when coming to Opera Garden Restaurant. It is where the professional chefs redefine dishes of both Vietnamese and Western cuisine.

Diner who into modern Vietnamese food and Western cuisine will be treated with extremely harmonious dishes, both aesthetic and artistic but the soul of original dishes is still kept. 

Opera Garden Restaurant situated on the crowded street right in the heart of Hanoi, overview Hoan Kiem Lake. It’s famous for emblematic dishes of Europe and signature Vietnamese delicacies. 

This place offers an elegant space for diners to enjoy Western-styled treats and raise a glass for the perfect moments. 

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OPERA GARDEN: best restaurant in hanoi vietnam

Opera Garden proudly to be one of the most luxurious restaurants, where we redefine emblematic dishes of Europe, serve signature Vietnamese delicacies.