Fine dining restaurant in Hanoi

Fine dining restaurants are favoured all over the world. While each fine dining restaurant has its own style, they all share some common characteristics. With precise attention to detail, impeccable execution and exceptional service, every fine-dining restaurant is geared towards top-notch experience. And while today’s high-class cuisine has evolved into a blend of cuisines and eclectic concepts, many aspects of the premium experience remain the same.

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So, what is fine dining restaurant and what are rules of running fine dining restaurants?

Before deciding to dine in a fine dining restaurant, it’s crucial to ask question: What is fine dining restaurant? The term “Fine dining” is actually a “restaurant concept that provides patrons with superior food, service and atmosphere. This is also the type of restaurant with the highest price you can operate.

All fine dining restaurants are defined by the high quality of three factors mentioned above. Obviously, the higher the quality, the higher the costs when having a meal at one of these restaurants.


A fine dining restaurant Menu doesn’t need to be varied, but all the ingredients need to be of high quality. Depending on your area, the cost of food may not be actually higher. Most importantly, chefs should be creative and sous chefs need to be well-trained to perform chef instructions. 

Because customers expect an enhanced level of service at a fine dining restaurant, chefs also need to prepare to make adjustments to menu items.

fine dining hanoi


Everything in a gourmet restaurant should provide a sense of unity. So if the menu is high-end, the decor also needs to be. If the menu is minimalist, it should be well decorated. Whatever the style, bed linen, silverware, glassware and plates, all of them shall be on top of high quality.

Customer service

Setting up professional customer service is especially important and expensive, for a great dining experience. High-quality customer service is not a stereotypical servant, but a large group of employees who pay attention to the needs of their customers. Waitstaff in fine dining restaurants needs to be well trained and comfortable with a diverse group of customers.

Where is a fine dining restaurant in Hanoi?

In the heart of Hanoi, which is the capital of cuisine quintessence, it isn’t hard to find a fine dining restaurant in Hanoi. If you are the gourmet who eager to try Vietnamese cuisine in an elegant atmosphere or just want to savour the most delicious Western dishes, Opera Garden Restaurant will be your destination.

Opera Garden Restaurant is a prominent Hanoi fine dining restaurant located on Trang Tien Street – the center of French Quarter. The main color scheme of the restaurant is ivory and black in harmony with neoclassical architecture. The manager of Opera Garden said the idea of ​​designing this restaurant was to rebuild the famous Indochina architecture that was loved by most Vietnamese people in the 1900s.

Moreover, the aim is to make Opera Garden stand out from other Hanoi restaurants, an aesthetic restaurant that demonstrates the distinct and sophisticated combination of the East and the West.

Because the Opera Garden menu is modern Vietnamese and Western, it can serve a variety of flavors even food connoisseurs. Each dish truly devotes to experimentation, with unique presentations and stories. A highlight of the restaurant’s ala carte menu is seabass fillet with lemon butter sauce and foie gras, crispy pomelo salad, and fresh salmon salad.

This restaurant in Hanoi also organizes classical music concerts and concert nights, as well as providing catering services for companies and large groups. At the end of the year, Opera Garden stands out as a suitable place to host year-end parties for organizations. Ranking as one of the best restaurants in the Old Quarter by TripAdvisor, this restaurant is deserved to be on your top list.

fine dining hanoi

Opera Garden Restaurant

Address: No 6 Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi City.


Hotline: +84 243 8689 666