Best restaurant in Hanoi Old Quarter

Visit Hanoi for its unique cuisine, from luxurious cafes that serve authentic coffee to fine dining restaurants with delectable food, Restaurants in Hanoi’s Old Quarter have something for you!

Hanoi restaurants are mushrooming all over the city’s street corner. However, it’s hard to choose a good restaurant to explore either Vietnamese cuisine or Western dishes. On bustling Trang Tien Street, a restaurant with a combination of the traditional and modern is somehow amusing, that is Opera Garden Restaurant.


Best restaurant in the Old Quarter

Ranking as one of the Best restaurants in Hanoi on TripAdvisor, Opera Garden Restaurant is known for its Indochine architecture and culinary style. 

Situated on Trang Tien Street with many high-class restaurants, it makes people pay attention to the elegant appearance which brings the breath of Indochine style. Large glass windows, golden light that make the restaurant stand out and shimmering.

Fine dining restaurant in Hanoi

fine dining hanoi

Harmonious combination of modern and tradition

The idea that a Western standard restaurant would choose the style of the West. However, Opera Garden – a best restaurant is beyond imagination when following the Indochine style – the style has ingraining in the subconscious of old Hanoi people. Not only architecture and furniture but even the bar is blended between classic and modern elements. The owner must be exquisite, when not calf, not impose the Indochina Standard architecture that transforms to the Western standard, every detail is carefully calculated so that the space does not become deficient.

The Indochina style is not only bold in the space design, we can notice as soon as entering the restaurant, the image of girls in the white Ao Dai makes customers feel the breeze of an old Vietnam. 

Fine dining restaurant in Hanoi

The menu is exceptional

Opera Garden has set menus for different tastes as well as ala carte menu including modern Vietnamese dishes such as Grilled beef in bamboo, and many other delicious dishes from around the world. Besides offering some of the best food in the city, the menu drink of restaurant bar with local beer, wines, and fresh juices enable you to chill out this season.

Especially, to be the best restaurant in Hanoi, many Vietnamese celebrities pick up this restaurant as their familiar dining place. 

Fine dining restaurant in Hanoi

Hygiene standard

Regarding the quality of food, Opera Garden Restaurant provides real safety and hygiene like any other hanoi best vietnamese restaurant.All ingredients are imported in a day so they will ensure the cleanliness and freshness.

fine dining hanoi

Opera Garden Restaurant

Address: No 6 Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi City.


Hotline: +84 243 8689 666