5 best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City for fine dining

Ho Chi Minh City is the paradise for all gourmets, offering everything from delicious street bites to fine meals that rival the famous international establishments. When you're splashing, here are the five best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City for fine dining restaurant.

1. The Villa

This French restaurant located in a beautiful villa is the most talked about European restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. Under the direction of chef Thierry Mounon, the menu is full of exquisite French specialties, with a menu for lunch, a menu and an à la carte menu. The location of the restaurant in an imposing and large white villa - which was originally a private residence - gives the restaurant an exclusive and private atmosphere. Tables are scattered throughout the ground floor, including around the outdoor pool

2. Noir.

This upscale restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City has adopted a global gourmet trend and has become the city's premier restaurant for dining in the dark. Starting from the idea that the sense of taste is strengthened when you are not distracted by other senses, diners eat in the dark and are served by blind or visually impaired staff. Vegetarian, Oriental and Western-inspired menus are served on several courses and are a real treat for the taste buds.

3. Li Bai Chinese Restaurant

Widely recognized as the best Chinese restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, Li Bai is an elegant restaurant at Sheraton Saigon Hotel and Towers. The meals come in the form of everything you can eat, either dim sum, or à la carte menus with menu items containing the best ingredients. Li Bai is also an award-winning restaurant. It is an ideal place for a meal on the terrace. The Sunday evening buffet is also popular with locals and visitors

4. R & J

For lovers of Italian cuisine, R & J is the most romantic and romantic place in the city. Named in honor of Romeo and Juliet, R & J is located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, in The Reverie Hotel, inside the Time Square building. The classic Italian interior is the perfect return to the menu, which stretches from north to south of Italy and includes the finest Italian ingredients. A vast list of Italian wines completes the picture.

5. Ly Club

The food in Ho Chi Minh City is wonderfully international, but the best thing about dining at the Ly Club is the extensive Vietnamese and Asian menu. An innovative diversity of flavors gives a modern twist to Vietnamese traditional dishes, making it a truly unique dining experience in the city. The restaurant's grand entrance paves the way for more relaxed seating choices indoors and out, making it an upscale culinary experience in a casual setting.

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