Best French Restaurants in Hanoi

The best French restaurants in Hanoi cater to a more international clientele, offering upscale wines and cocktails, as well as authentic French, European and American cuisine in an elegant setting.

Located to the south and east of Hoan Kiem Lake, the French Quarter is home to government offices, embassies and elegantly restored villas with French architectural influences.

A French restaurant where the Vietnamese spirit is highlighted

If you are looking for a romantic dinner in Hanoi, this is the place. Located right on Trang Tien District, this French restaurant with simple, elegant design is enough for your perfect date.

Opera Garden’s cuisine

The restaurant’s cuisine is a fusion of French-based on Vietnamese dishes and ingredients. The menu changes monthly depending on the availability of local products. Instead of expensive imported ingredients, chefs use products that are best sorted by season.

The restaurant brings diner more emblematic fusion dishes of French based on Vietnamese ingredients. Instead of expensive imported ingredients, chefs here use products that are best sorted by season. The menu can be changed seasonally depending on the availability of local products. 

When you enter, the attention is immediately drawn to the innumerable scents and aromas emanating from the food. At this French restaurant in Hanoi, while most activities involve tastes, fusion of international flavors and cuisines, special attention is paid to the quality of service provided and the overall atmosphere. Customers experience a unique culinary experience by enjoying every aspect of their meal.

Opera Garden Restaurant’s French colonial architecture 

Inspired by the architecture of Opera House, Opera Garden restaurant applies the outstanding features of Indochine style and transforms it into our own restaurant architecture, which simulates a small theater.

However, Opera Garden always creates prominence to harmonize the concept of Vietnamese and Western people, so, despite the Indochinese style, our restaurant cannot lack Western modernity. 

What best illustrates this combination is our internal design. In general, the interior is not only equivalent in appearance but also in color, making the dining space elegant, friendly and extremely elegant.

Restaurant’s main dining room creates the exquisite ambiance yet modern and free when combining with the vibes of Theatre bar. Owed an area of 500m2, it is suitable for big group to organize year end party or any special events. 

Two available rooms serving different capacity provide perfect intimate space, suitable for guests seeking privacy or medium-sized groups who want to enjoy lunch or dinner privately on a special occasion.


Opera Garden Restaurant

Address: No 6 Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi City.


Hotline: +84 938 150 111 – Tel: +84 243 8689 666