Indochine interior design of Opera Garden: Simple yet sophisticated

For a long time, the definition of Indochine design has been an inspiration for numerous designers who seek for the blend of tradition and modern. In Vietnam, the Indochine Style is a combination of nostalgic Vietnamese sensation and classic French romanticism, it represents a unique and sophisticated fusion of the East and the West. Its style, both in architecture and interior design, has left an imprint of Vietnam during French colonial times, visualize the elegance, rustic charm and convenient through the language of outstanding simplicity.

Opera Garden’s Indochine interior design: Simple yet elegant

Inspired by modern Indochine style, the architecture and the interior design of the restaurant both bring the breath of this style.

Notably, Opera Garden Restaurant has redefined the interior details and color scheme to create a traditional Vietnamese culinary ambiance, simple yet sophisticated, nostalgic yet modern.

Restaurant’s interior colors

An Indochine-inspired dining space of Opera Garden Restaurant has natural light combined with neutral tones such as white, earthy yellow of bamboo chairs blend with the deep color of wood to create mild feeling, suitable for the tropical climate of Vietnam. 

Interior Materials

The aesthetic of Indochine requires a wider understanding of using interior materials. The 2 outstanding features are wood and bamboo. The durability and hazel color of wood combine with the delicate nature of bamboo create  harmony and a sense of luxury.

Diners who come to Opera Garden can easily notice this design through the Thonet chairs which are arranged politely under dining tables.

Another detail that makes up of the unique in the interior material of the restaurant is the patterned tiles, which are used for the floor. The pattern of this tile always attracts the attention of foreign guests because of its traditional motifs and extremely elegant, creating a luxurious, impressive and artistic look for restaurant space.

In our fast life, when everything comes and goes in a hurry, at some moments, we just need somewhere to spend the most of our life, to change our moods and indulge in emotions, Opera Garden will be your stop.

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OPERA GARDEN: best restaurant in hanoi vietnam

Opera Garden proudly to be one of the most luxurious restaurants, where we redefine emblematic dishes of Europe, serve signature Vietnamese delicacies.