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Voted as one of the most luxurious Western style restaurants in Hanoi, Opera Garden is located on bustling Trang Tien street, the heart of Hanoi, near the famous Opera House. Opera Garden Restaurant always pays attention to the quality of every dish and way of serving to maintain its unique style among Western cuisine lovers.
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tripadvisor restaurantThe culinary world at Opera Garden is considered to be an art because every dish, especially Vietnamese cuisine is highlighted, decorated in a style that honors Vietnamese cuisine. Besides, when coming to Opera Garden, diners not only enjoy the food but also witness the culinary arts culmination at the modern kitchen system in Hanoi. All ingredients at Opera Garden are the freshest and cleanest, ensure the delectable taste of every dish.
You will have a chance to try Opera Garden’s signature dishes in the sumptuous setting, inspired by Indochine-styled with the best service. Moreover, the price here is quite reasonable for a meal.

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As a luxurious restaurant in Hanoi compared to Metropole or Redbean Restaurant. Away from the bustling city life of Hanoi, you will be immersed in the quiet, romantic complex setting. Opera Garden – a French Dining Restaurant is somewhere to watching the rustic street, chatting with friends, leisurely read the newspaper, listen to soothing jazz, or savor a glass of wine and that’s your own world.
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Opera Restaurant is the best restaurants near me (nearby) in hanoi. Discover Restaurants offering the best western food near you on Opera Garden.
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Address: No 6 Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi City.


Hotline: +84 938 150 111 //  +84 243 8689 666

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