The best restaurants in Vietnam for the luxury traveller

Vietnamese cuisine is distinct, enticing and bursting with flavor. A divine blend of sweet, savory, acidic and spicy flavors, not too spicy, with rice, noodles, fresh vegetables and herbs all playing an important role; It is no wonder that over the years it has become increasingly popular around the world. With its 500 breathtaking traditional dishes that will delight your taste buds, Vietnam is the ideal destination for gourmets.

The old ruined neighborhoods have been turned into gourmet restaurants run by world-renowned chefs, and the street food scene is still flourishing. But with thousands of restaurants across the country, it's almost impossible to choose the best restaurants by offering quality Vietnamese cuisine, a fantastic atmosphere and a touch of luxury. Here we have gathered the best restaurants and our favorite Vietnam by region ...


Wild rice

One of the best Vietnamese establishments offers a range of traditional dishes rich in flavors and colors. However, it has been designed with great taste and the architecture is almost as interesting as the food. With comfort and relaxation in mind, the designers have done a remarkable job using colors and shapes to create an environment in which one can immediately feel settled.

Green mandarin


This restaurant offers a menu of innovative and delicious French and Asian dishes in a fantastic location. Located in an old colonial house lovingly restored in 1928 in the old town, Green Tangerine is the best choice for lunch.

Seasons of Hanoi

A classic Vietnamese restaurant with an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Serving the best of Vietnamese cuisine, the candlelit interior of this beautifully restored colonial villa is tastefully decorated in warm shades of earth tones and authentic locally produced furniture.

Temple Club

Follow the lantern path down the dimly lit steps of this elegant restaurant. It's one of the city's highlights. White tablecloths, swirling fans and old silverware to accompany the chopsticks create a colonial atmosphere. But the menu is distinctly Vietnamese; Favorite dishes include grilled beef on lemongrass skewers and fish wrapped in banana leaf.

Quan An Ngon Restaurant

An open-air restaurant where the best street chefs in Ho Chi Minh City create their master specialties. Locals and savvy aliens scramble at night, waiting for their favorite Vietnamese classics like bun cha (vermicelli with chopped pork meatballs and fresh herbs) and a green papaya salad with shrimp. Fortunately, there are many tables, so the line moves quickly.


Xu Restaurant Lounge

Xu Restaurant serves traditional and modern Vietnamese dishes, using new techniques that often simplify the preparation of complex dishes to highlight a particular ingredient. Recommended dishes to try are banh bot lọc, rice cracker, beef and vietnamese salad with cang cua, followed by chocolate kumquat truffle.

Mango Room

This atypical and trendy little restaurant was set up by Vietnamese chef Duc, who managed to merge the flavors of Vietnam, America and Japan to create delicious and unique dishes. The open kitchen lets you see the chef at work with all his talent, creating an exceptional culinary experience.

Morning glory

Morning Glory's Cargo Club Restaurant not only offers clean, fresh and delicious food, but also shares the charming stories of traditional Vietnamese cuisine and culture. Cook with love and passion, many dishes that you will not find in the other menus are all available here and are perfect on a plate! They also offer excellent cooking classes that involve a market visit with the chef. Book a table on the terrace and watch the sun go down with a cocktail or two!


Ancient Hue

It's the best local restaurant in Hue. A collection of original royal houses, with a decor that evokes the authentic atmosphere of a royal palace. Delicately sweet and spicy, with an abundance of fresh produce and seafood, this opulent restaurant offers the best authentic dishes of the region, as well as a wide range of innovative fusion cuisines.

Perfume at The Residence Hotel

Perfume chefs use the freshest ingredients on the market to create delicious local, regional and international dishes. The large dining room with high ceiling offers a breathtaking view of the Perfume River and the Imperial Citadel. The well carved garden of The Residence creates a fantastic atmosphere.

No matter which region of Vietnam you decide to visit, you will certainly appreciate all the local specialties. If you need help planning your visit to Vietnam, please leave a comment below.

James Jayasundera is founder and managing director of Ampersand Travel. Ampersand Travel creates tailor-made, luxurious travel experiences in Asia, the British Isles and Southern Africa.

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OPERA GARDEN: best restaurant in hanoi vietnam

Opera Garden proudly to be one of the most luxurious restaurants, where we redefine emblematic dishes of Europe, serve signature Vietnamese delicacies.