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Opera Garden's Theater Bar

Opera Garden Restaurant’s proudly to give diners varied culinary experiences to the fullest. Along with the modern Indochine-styled dining space, superior fusion food, customers can enjoy fresh cocktail and fine wine at restaurant’s “Theater Bar”.

Opera Garden’s Theater Bar, which brings vibrant daytime vibes with a friendly atmosphere at night, surely a rendezvous for romantic dates or relaxing nights. 

Our dedicated bar serves fresh cocktails, signature martini or other world-class premium wines. Atmosphere of Theatre Bar will be changed after 22 hours allow customers to enjoy newest to different dining space. 

There will be no DJ but classical music performances for you every Friday. There’s nothing better than embrace yourself in the musical journey whilst savoring your favorite finest wine in Opera Garden’ bar.

Located in Trang Tien street of Hanoi capital, along with a high-class space, “Opera Garden - restaurant and bar” will be the most suitable place to express your level and value.