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What is gala dinner?

Gala Dinner is an important event that businesses often organize. It could be an important milestone celebration or it can be a year-end party to honor individuals who have made great contributions to the development of the business.

A Gala Dinner usually features entertainment, food and even auctions on occasion. It is organized to reward, celebrate or engage the audience, employee with the brand or company. The event often holds at the restaurant, hotel or outdoor setting. The guests will sit at a beautifully decorated table and dining a three-course meal. 

A Gala Dinner is varied in size from a hospitable event for 50 people to a sizable party for hundreds of people. Venues to organize such events depends on the capacity and demand of guests but mostly are often staged in indoor venues for easy access and internal affairs.

Signification of Gala Dinner to Company

Organizing an annual Gala ensures employees to attach to the company. It’s an event to honor the contribution of all members of the company. This is far a ceremony to summarize what has been achieved in a year. Moreover, companies should weave some more homegrown entertainment to increase employee’s intimacy. Through the teamwork activities, the solidarity between colleagues will increase and stimulate them for the future with the company.

Is it worth to throw a Gala Dinner?

Gala Dinners require a good budget to have a successful night. The question here is that “Is this worth to throw a Gala Dinner and why we should invest to throw one?” The answer must be “Definitely yes!” Hold an event like this is aim to keep your partners, investors and most importantly your employees investing in the company by showing them that they are valuable and appreciated.

Few things to know before throwing a Gala Dinner party

  • Make a guest list carefully. Invite important clients or investors and make sure not to miss any guests. Make a guest list carefully, make sure not to miss any guests. 

  • Entertainment is a core factor, so try to book entertainers a few months in advance. 

  • Pay attention to the equipment. You should hire a company that provides good quality sound equipment, lighting, and props. There is no room for technical difficulties, therefore hiring a reliable sound and lighting companies is quite essential. 

  • It is advisable to browse the program at least 2-3 times before the event, this will ensure the time and connectivity of the party.

  • Business owner speech should be concise and meaningful.

  • Finally, be well-dressed!

A hospitable Gala Dinner at Opera Garden Restaurant, why not?

There are many factors which an event planner agency needs to consider for Gala Dinner such as venue, catering, table themes, AV production and lighting. 

Opera Garden Restaurant has been a suitable venue and event planner agency to organize your big party. We have a striking venue for corporate and galas dinners with Western and modern Vietnamese food and the most professional catering service.

Gala Dinner Services & Catering in Hanoi

It must be tiring when you have to prepare an important party before 2-3 months while struggling with tons of workload at the end of the year. However, when you come to Opera Garden Restaurant, things never become that easy.

How Opera Garden Restaurant prepares for a Gala Dinner?

We will offer themed dinner, design your company backdrop, choose the menu depending on your demand, set up the stage and much more.

The entire event will be arranged felicitously and can include exclusivity, classical music performance. Opera Garden Restaurant affirms that your event night is a success and memorable for all the guests.

Whether you're attending a gala or organizing it, get ready for an evening with fancy outfits, great food and drinks, organic links and happy customers. Step out of the computer, put your mobile phone down, dust off old robes, squeeze into your old suit: it's going to be a night of building and securing important relationships with a light, seductive touch. Glamorous and with Avstage - special and creative screen engineering.

Whether you’re an organizer or being a guest for a gala party, dress up for an evening with fancy outfits, delectable food and drinks and organic bonding with all colleagues. Step out of the computer, it’s going to be a night of building and securing important relationships with a light, seductive touch. Glamorous and with Opera Garden Restaurant.

Apart from Corporate catering services various other different Facilities provided by Opera Garden are:

  • Fine Dining Restaurant
  • Events & Parties
  • DJ & LED Dance Floor
  • Sundowners
  • Exhibition and Conferences
  • Outdoor Caterings
  • Weddings/Receptions
  • Seminars and Concerts
  • Theme Parties

All our staff is expertly trained from our head chef to our admin support team so that you can easily rely on us to provide the event that you are expecting, all these qualities you can find at Opera Garden Best Corporate Catering Services in Hanoi.

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