Fusion Food: A perfect combination from diverse cultures

What is fusion cuisine?

Basically, fusion food is a dish that is blended from traditional culinary dishes of two or more countries to create interesting variations that give people a new experience. 

On the other hand, it’s a combination of strange and unique spices, awakening all six senses to feel the singularity from the color to the taste of the dish. Moreover, a fusion dish is a reminiscence about trips, intertwined memories of cooks during their trips to experience other culinary cultures.

Fusion food was originally from France cooks who tried to “mash-up” traditional French food with Asian dishes to conceive a bizarre but impressive menu. Since then, the concept of fusion quickly spread to the world, and now Vietnam.

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A prime feature of fusion food

A prime feature of this culinary style is a mixture of European and Asian dishes. Cultures have extremely different culinary traditions, and these centuries-old traditions bring incredible dishes. For instance, traditional Vietnamese spring rolls can be found on a French restaurant menu, dipping sauce made with French cream and butter instead of fish sauce, while sauce with wasabi can be used on some Western baked dishes.

Diligence in choosing ingredients

From the selection process, Opera Restaurant prioritizes the cleanness and freshness of all ingredients. From the strange to familiarity, from unique to popular ingredients, Opera Garden is proud to bring diners a new breeze into modern Vietnamese dishes and Western cuisine.

The art in food presentation

In addition to the scrupulous, thorough selection of raw materials, food presentation is also highlighted at Opera Garden. The art of processing, arranging and decorating food requires chefs to be creative. To fulfill that, the chef should not only understand the multinational culinary culture but also has talented hands and delicate feelings about taste.

At Opera Garden, our chefs will be the ones who reinvent dishes to give diners the best experience.

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OPERA GARDEN: best restaurant in hanoi vietnam

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