Best Steak In Hanoi – Where is the best steakhouse in Hanoi?

Best steak in Hanoi? Do you find the best steak in addition to traditional Hanoi cuisine? This is a chance for you, because the steak is no longer unknown in Hanoi, and if you're wondering where to find the best steakhouse in Hanoi, we'll suggest some places where you'll find the best steak in Hanoi.

1. Cutisun steak

After eating local street food such as Banh Mi and sticky rice, it's time to try the steak in Hanoi. Cutisun was a "meat lover" in Hanoi with a European-style steakhouse and "Vietnamese awards". Many factors make the restaurant the best steakhouse in Hanoi. Indeed, compared to European-style steaks in mid-range restaurants, the price is rather moderate. Vietnamese steak is priced at 70,000 VND for 140 grams of beef, 140,000 VND for 280 grams of beef. For beef tenderloin or baked beef steak, the price is 110,000 VND per 200 grams.

The restaurant offers one of the best steaks in Hanoi. It includes a small vegetable salad, fries, bread. In this beef - the soul of food to taste pretty marinated mouth. You can choose from three types of sauces, including black pepper sauce, barbecue sauce and cheese sauce. These sauces are quite comparable, enough to comfortably eat bread without any other requirement.

Cutisun sandwiches are particularly popular with tender, aromatic and tender beef and always warm for the guests. In addition, the blackberry vinaigrette is appreciated for the fullness of the salad dish and the taste of the sauce.

In addition, instead of beef steak, the restaurant also serves lamb, pork ribs and noodles, but the most popular is still the best steak in Hanoi. The food is good, the price is acceptable, the tripadvisor hanoi restaurants is polite. The restaurant is slightly inclined, so girls may have trouble parking.

Address 120 Hoang Hoa Tham, Tay Ho District

2. Bamboo steak

Located in Hang Tre Street, it is easy to find, but the downside of this European-style steakhouse is its small space, suitable for guests traveling in pairs or small groups. However, the price of the food is very sweet, the style of service is attentive when the owner is ready to advise guests on the best steak in Hanoi if you are wondering what to eat. This restaurant is still considered the best tripadvisor hanoi restaurants in Hanoi.

The moderate price is that all beef steaks cost only VND 85,000, which is enough for whole potatoes, salad, even if the amount is small. Other items such as pork ribs, a sheep steak cost only VND 90,000 - an affordable price.

At an affordable price, the thick beef pieces are marinated with care, the taste is a wonderful experience for the customers. In addition, there are 3 traditional desserts for the best steak in Hanoi and many kinds of sauces such as blackberry or spicy sauce ... to be chosen by the guests.

Address 7 Hang Tre, Hoan Kiem

3. Steak at Hang Bai

Located in Hang Bai Street, close to the Thu Do Lotto Company, the steakhouse is well known to people. However, this shop is so simple that if you do not notice it, you can easily ignore it among many other color signs from other stores. This is one of the best steakhouses in Hanoi.

The fried potatoes are not very good, but the mashed potatoes is worth trying with its aroma, the fatty mixture of potatoes and butter.

The steak at Hang Bai includes beef, cucumber pieces, mashed potatoes or fries and prepared sauces. Here you can not choose black pepper sauce, cheese sauce ... like the suggestions above.

The food here, in addition to the potato bread only, the layout is simple, but the steak pieces are relatively "monumental", the piece of meat is almost 1 cm thick and is as big as an adult hand.

A steak in Hang Bai Street is priced at VND 90,000. However, the downside of this restaurant is its rather small and simple decor, so it is not suitable for people who prefer space to modern. The steakhouse also sells more Vietnamese rice.

Address 53 Hang Bai, Hoan Kiem

4. Steakhouse Jacksons

Located right in front of Trang Tien Plaza and about 100 meters from Hoan Kiem Lake, Jacksons Steakhouse is renowned for its high quality imported steaks and fresh seafood. Jacksons Steakhouse impresses guests with a particularly spacious building with a tiered building for different purposes and bringing the best experience to the guests. On the ground floor, guests can enjoy themselves in a fascinating bar belonging to the restaurant. The first and second floors are used for dining rooms that are suitable for groups, couples or even less. The most special is the third floor with a private dining room, a private bar and a beautiful terrace with spectacular views.

You can easily find a lot of imported beef from famous countries such as Australia, the United States and New Zealand. In addition, there is a range of high-end seafood from international coastal regions such as Atlantic salmon, prawns and oysters.

If you're lucky enough to come here, the Jack Daniel BBQ ribs, which cost VDD 590,000, are also a must-have at Jacksons Steakhouse where is the tripadvisor hanoi restaurants, a pork chop especially prepared with a unique sauce and served with French fries. Plus, if you're a seafood lover, Chef's $ 580,000 VND seafood platter will not disappoint you with its delicious seafood.

Address 23J Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoan Kiem

5. Hoe Nhai Steak

Unlike the other steak steaks mentioned above, Hoe Nhai steak is an affordable dish that seems to be the typical food of the Hanoi menu. Located directly on Hoe Nhai Street on the Ancient Square, it is not difficult to find this steak restaurant, also locally known as the Bo Bit Tet restaurant in general.


Imported from the cuisine of Western steak, the Hoe Nhai steak has its own characteristic that is based on the typically Vietnamese taste. Therefore, Hoe Nhai beef steak has a truly distinctive flavor with the combination of Asian and Western recipes. The special steak here will be served with a fried egg, pâté, french fries, various assorted vegetables and a particularly typical sauce with Vietnamese bread. You will certainly be surprised when trying this dish in Hanoi.

A delicious steak simply costs 75,000 VND. With a cup of iced tea for 5,000 VND, you will be delighted by the satisfaction of an extraordinary meal.

Address No 03 Hoe Nhai Street, Hoan Kiem

Note: There are open steak restaurants in Hoe Nhai Street that mimic this steak restaurant. Therefore, you must carefully choose the one found in no. 03 Hoe Nhai - the best tripadvisor hanoi restaurants

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